Image: Alejandra Villa-Pool via The Intercept

Our future is being prepared for us. It’s time we take it back.

COVID-19 has blown open the door to what a world that centers equity and justice can look like. But efforts to reimagine our society post-crisis are being led by big tech billionaires and high-ranking officials.

In New York, the hardest hit state of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, our government has already tapped the ultra-wealthy and ultra-powerful to determine our future—including the likes of former Google CEO and surveillance state lobbyist Eric Schmidt.

Image: Juan Arredondo via Images of Empowerment

A new kind of committee—built by our communities.

The traditional government task force is made up of elites and “experts”. The inputs of everyday people are typically an afterthought, or left out of the equation entirely.

We need to shift power and claim our seat at the table—and we need to do it now. We need to elevate the vision of ordinary people, especially communities that have been historically oppressed, and bring policymakers and powerful interests to the table on our terms.

This is the mandate of the People’s Task Force.

Image: Nina Robinson via Images of Empowerment

Rebuilding for justice, kindness, and accountability.

We are seizing on this unprecedented opportunity to imagine what our future should look like, from the ground up. We are designing ambitious and concrete plans for realizing the change we want to see. We are pushing for governments to enact policies and business to implement practices that serve the interests of everyday people.

Let’s build this together.

We are building a coalition of civic leaders, artists, activists, researchers, and changemakers committed to courageous, structural change. Just imagine what we can do together.

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